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NeuroAPI is a multipurpose AI platform which gives the possibility to create a dedicated solution, based on Artificial Intelligence & exposed via API. Simply put, it is a foundation on which you can easily and quickly build complex machine learning products.


How NeuroAPI works?

Based on Tensorflow/Keras, NeuroAPI can execute complicated, multi-leveled pipelines with many classificators.

Similar to dispersed applications based on microservices, where each microservice provides one functionality - Neuro API is a dispersed AI, where each module provides one intelligent algorithm.

NeuroAPI core features

What can we aid you with?

NeuroAPI platform is able to help you out with lots of burdensome activities and make machine learning simple!

You provide us with the necessary data and explanation of your business needs - we create a custom AI solution and expose it via a dedicated, ready to be used API. This process includes:

Implementing machine learning microservices

Preparing & learning data sets

Analizing your data

Detecting anomalies

Cleaning the data

Feature engineering

How it's done?

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Use cases

Deep Image - Web application based on Neuro-API algorithms. Our own product which is just a snippet of our skills.

It is a free online image enhancer which can increase the size, remove artifacts and polish the photo quality.

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Fashionly app employs the Artificial Intelligence algorithms to make your life easier!

Identify clothes, find similar ones online and enjoy the enhanced shopping experience!

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